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Wines From italy


2012 Forteto della Luja (Scaglione) Moscato d’Asti “Piasa San Maurizio” $14.99

The Piasa San Maurizio” vineyard is where Silvia and Gianni’s great grandfather planted vines some years ago. Gianni produces his Moscato d’Asti following “old-time” methods; the objective is fresh fruit and aromas that caress you enough to jump in the glass. This single-vineyard Moscato exudes peach, vanilla, fresh melon and rosewater. We feel stongly enough to say, “This Moscato will change your perception of the often misunderstood wine.”

NV Bortolotti Extra Dry Prosecco $14.99

The hills surrounding this colorful little town have been the background for the vineyard, their growing and harvesting rites. The yearly recurrence of this work in the fields has become a tradition for the people of Valdobbiadene. The quality of the grapes is fruit of the mild climate and good soil. It is with the beginning of the sparkling wine industry that Valdobbiadene and its wine reaches its present fame. The Bortolotti wine-growers have been making their own sparkling wines for decades, combining tradition and progressive techniques with careful quality selection. Sight pale straw-yellow colour, fine grain perlage with abundant and persistent foam. Bouquet: discreetly intense, with a clear fruity note. Taste: balanced, warm and involving in its typical aromatic notes.

2010 Fiorini Vigna del Caso Modena Lambrusco Fermentazione Naturale $13.99

Bright red, you can tell it’s not all lambrusco grasparossa, whose wines are usually darker than dark. High-pitched aromas of blueberry, minerals, violet, licorice and bitter chocolate. Wonderfully sweet in the mouth, but with a distinctly cool quality and outstanding thrust to the fine-grained red fruit flavors. A touch of underbrush and red berries adds further complexity on the bright, very long, tannic finish. Seriously good lambrusco made with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Ian d’Agata

2011 Primosic Pinot Grigio Fruili Isonzo $9.99

The relation between the hills of Friuli, its inhabitants, andviticulture, is an essential part of the history of this peculiar region named Collio. Primosic winemakers are an appropriate demonstration of this liaison. Straw yellow color and light copper hues. In the nose is very elegant and complex with spring white flowers breezes and notes of apricot. Ageing it acquires a bready aroma.

2011 Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi $17.99

The story of Villa Sparina began in the 18th century, when part of the structure we see today was in fact a farming estate, built by the Marquis Franzoni of Genova. It is immersed in the vineyards of Monterotondo, in the very heart of the renowned Gavi area. The estate boasts large wine cellars dating back to the original date of construction, in pristine condition, testimony to the ever flourishing wine production right from the very beginning. This stunning Gavi is straw-yellow in color with a fragrance of flowers and fruit with hints of peach. Full and rich taste, soft and harmonical with tones of noble aromas, resulted from the complete ripening of the grapes, which intensify the character. This wine goes perfectly with white meat and fish-dishes.

2011 Riccardo Bruna Pigato (Vermentino) “Le Russeghine”, Riviera Ligure di Ponente $28.99

Since 1970, Riccardo Bruna and his daughter Francesca have exalted the Vermentino grape (aka Pigato) of Liguria, creating finely-crafted wines from unique single vineyards and distinct soils. For me Riccardo captures wonderfully well that feeling of Liguria in the 1980’s. His wines burst with life and that elusive magic which comes with a sense of place. We could use a lot more Riccardos these days. Honor, tradition and integrity: his wines speak volumes.”Le Russeghine” Pigato, Riviera Ligure di Ponente Bruna’s own monopole ‘Cru’ vineyard of old-vine Vermentino, indigenously known as Pigato. Named for its red clay soil, Le Russeghine is a plateau vineyard perched above the Ligurian countryside in Ranzo. What the “Le Mont” vineyard is to the Loire, “Le Russeghine” is to Liguria. Only 240 cases imported into the USA.

2011 Riccardo Bruna Vermentino “U Baccan”, Riviera Ligure di Ponente $49.99

From “The Boss” vineyard in Ranzo, Liguria. Old vines of Vermentino, known locally as Pigato, are farmed meticulously and vinified at cool temperatures in stainless steel. The wine speaks of the briny ocean and the soil. Sea salt, grapefruit peel, and vinous depth are the hallmarks of this Grand Cru Pigato. Seductive, subtle, and graceful, this wine begs to be paired with ravioli di pesce e pesto.

2011 Cefalicchio Rosato $13.99

Cefalicchio is, first of all, an agricultural company devoted to the production and manufacturing of high-quality organic agricultural products. The changeover to a biodynamic method of agriculture took place in 1992. Ever since, Cefalicchio has pledged itself to establishing an environment-friendly activity that works in total harmony with its natural surroundings. A sustainable entity in the broadest sense of the term. This rosato is cherry red in color that offers an amazing bouquet that is floral, with a scent of roses and a slight hint of watermelon. The palate is well-balanced, warm, with a good acidity background and slightly sparkling. This is a great summer time sipper.


2011 Ca’di Ponti Nero d’Avola $7.99

Sicily is still among the largest wine producing regions in the world yet over the past decade they have made a conserted effort towards the improvement in the quality of wines and this little Nero d’Avola is a perfect example of a wine that over delivers. We were floored at how good this wine was after we first tried it some months ago. Ripe black cherry and plum fruit with a hint os spice and smokiness. The soft tannins, gentle acidity and the ripe fruit make it a perfectly balanced wine LM

2010 Castello del Terriccio “Cappanino” $15.99

Purchase 3 or more $10.99

Capannino takes its name from an estate on the farm where the show horse stables are. It is the first wine produced at Terriccio: a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Fermentation and a 6 month ageing take place in stainless steel, followed by a short period in oak barrels. Ruby red in appearance, with notes of eucalyptus on the nose, the palate unfolds with a balanced combination of red fruits, bitter cherries and violets. Beautifully structured, with velvety tannins, this is a savoury yet fresh red, elegant but approachable. Ideally this is a wine to be drunk young, but can be aged for a couple of years to develop the secondary characteristics further.

2010 Fattoria di Fubbiano Rosso di Fubbiano Colline Lucchesi $16.99

Guided by maestro Marco Corsini, his father Sauro and the elegant Chiara, this estate nestled in the hills of Lucca is the best known, yet also the best-kept secret in Tuscany. Old vines of indigenous classics such as Vermentino, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Aleatico and Teroldego are tended by hand and farmed with a minimum of intervention. Marco truly captures the soil and the spirit of the hills of Lucca, transferring all its essence to the glass so that one can be transported there simply by pulling a cork.From the hills of Lucca comes this blend of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Canaiolo. This wine sings with cherry-like forward fruit and the “Blood of Jove.” Old-vine Sangiovese performs its magic of tobacco, unroasted coffee bean and floral whispers. Flavor, flavor, flavor. With the retro” label, who needs Chianti anymore?

2010 Monteraponi Chianti Classico $20.99

Bright red. Red cherry, rosemary and balsamic milk chocolate on the perfumed nose. At once dense and juicy on the palate, with fresh herb and peppery red berry flavors given grip by lively tannins on the bright, long finish. An atypical wine for Monteraponi considering its size and thickness, but very well made as always.-Id’A

2010 Riccardo Bruna “Pulin” Rosso, Colline Savonesi $44.99

Born out Bruna’s passion to re-introduce Grenache, we find the mountainous coastline is indeed well-suited to this varietal. So we find this wine “Pulin” meaning “New Born” in the local dialect. This 70% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 10% Barbera is hand harvested, vinified in steel and matured for in two and three year-old barrels. One of Liguria’s finest rossos. Lush notes of blackcurrant, tamarind, and warm spice. Makes an ideal companion for capra e fagioli.


2009 Barolo Conterno Fantino Sori Ginestra $77.99

2009 Barolo Einaudi Cannubi $71.99

2009 Barolo Marcarini Brunate $47.99

2009 Barolo Marcarini La Serra $35.99

2010 Barbaresco Moccagatta Bric Balin $45.99

2010 Barbaresco Moccagatta Basarin $42.99

2010 Barbaresco Moccagatta Cole $55.99

2010 Barbaresco Moccagatta $32.99

2010 Barbaresco Sottimano Cotta $52.99

2010 Barbaresco Sottimano Pajore $52.99

2008 Brunello Canalicchio Di Sopra JS 92 $54.99

2008 Brunello Canalicchio Di Sopra 375ml JS 92 $23.99

2008 Brunello Casanova Di Neri JS 90 $43.99

2008 Brunello Cerbaiona $154.99

2008 Brunello Pietranera $30.99

2008 Brunello Siro Pacenti JS 93 $72.99

2008 Brunello Uccelliera JS 93 $54.99

2008 Brunello Romitorio  JS 92 $50.99

2008 Brunello Salvioni $114.99

2008 Brunello San Filippo Le Lucere JS 94 $53.99

2008 Brunello Siro Pacenti Pelagrilli $45.99

2008 Brunello Voliero JS 90 $43.99

2008 Brunello La Serena JS 90 $56.99

2007 Brunello Casanova Di Neri Cerralto WE 100 $219.99

2007 Brunello Pietranera Riserva $59.99

2007 Brunello Uccelliera Riserva JS 96 $95.99

2007 Brunello Valdicava Madonna Del Piano Riserva Magnum JS 98 $439.99

2007 Brunello Fanti Riserva JS 95 $64.99

2007 Brunello Fuligni Riserva JS 95 $107.99

2007 Brunello Podere Brizio Riserva JS 95 $75.99

2007 Brunello Romitorio Riserva JS 93 $116.99

2007 Brunello San Fillipo Le Lucere Riserva JS 96 $104.99

2007 Brunello Siro Pacenti Riserva JS 96 $110.99

2007 Brunello Canalicchio Di Sopra Riserva JS 93 $110.99

2007 Brunello La Serena Gemini Riserva JS 97 $83.99

2003 Amarone Quintarelli $329.99

2003 Amarone Quintarellii Magnum $759.99

2003 Amarone Quintarelli Riserva $599.99

2010 Galardi Terre Di Lavoro 3liter RP 97 $329.99

2010 Galardi Terre Di Lavoro RP 97 $71.99

2010 Galardi Terre Di Lavoro Magnum RP 97 $179.99

2010 Montevetrano RP 96 $65.99

2001 Quintarelli Alzero $399.99

2008 Rampolla D’alceo $198.99

2009 Maestro Raro Felsina $44.99

2009 Sapaio Podere Sapaio WE 94 $48.99

2010 Ornellaia 3 Liter $1,023.99

2010 Ornellaia $169.99

2011 Le Difese Ten San Guido $29.99

2011 Le Difese Ten San Guido Magnum $52.99

2009 Chiappini Guado Gemoli WE 100 $145.99

2009 Fontalloro Felsina $43.99

2010 Sassicaia $158.99

2010 Sassicaia Magnum $389.99